Consulting and management in web programming

Web programming is all about the creation of systems that can be designed based on customer requirements and tailored to the target group. Various tools are used for this purpose. The object oriented web programming languages, frameworks or open source components are chosen according to your goals and customer needs. I will be happy to advise you on formulating the goals and adjusting the strategy, as well as to develop the required web systems.

Strategy and customer analysis

The analysis of customer needs as well as the definition of your strategy is one of the most important steps with regard to successful web product /system. For the analysis of customer needs several methods like interviews or customer insight analysis can be applied. The strategy development is geared to your goals and market conditions. I will gladly advise you on decision findings.

Programming and components

As soon as your goals and a strategy are set, the requirements for a web system may be defined. Which programming languages are future-oriented, which frameworks or open source components may be used? I will be glad to support you in answering these and other questions about web programming, or to develop the web system in cooperation with partners.


Reprogramming is often no longer necessary nowadays. Already existing systems may be considered in order to find an ideal solution based on predetermined cost and time aspects. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of fee-based or free of charge systems? May open source systems be used as CMS systems with no further ado? For this purpose I will gladly be your consultant or create customer specific CMS systems in cooperation with a partner.