Consulting and controlling in IT project management

A project is classically defined by a clear goal, no routine, limited resources and high complexity. The reduction of complexities, the effective communication and controlling of the project progression are the essential management tasks to ensure the interplay of „quality, time and costs“. I will gladly advise you on the whole project management process or take over tasks myself in the individual phases: problem analysis, requirements management, planning, prototype design, development, controlling and testing.


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Quality is one of the decisive success factors in IT project management. The management must reach the ideal ratio of quality based on conditions like time, costs, personnel, performance, reliability and risks. Bad quality leads to additional expenditures and costs that may simultaneously lead to stress, uselessness and dissatisfaction.


A project can only be successful if its goals are reached in the specified time. Time can be a very limiting factor. It is also dependant on other elements like costs and quality. The management has to control the interplay of general conditions and time and ensure the timely completion through continuous controlling.


Costs as well as cost controlling are an essential challenge in IT project management. Changes in quality or time have direct and indirect influence. Cost estimates as well as cost controlling play an important role in order to fulfil this challenge.

Requirements management comes first

The aim of requirements management is to find the project’s specific requirements and visions and to present an overview of the overall solution. The tasks that come up in this context can be summarized with the following points:

Through structured and methodical progress mistakes can be avoided from the very start and high quality can be ensured. I will gladly help you to fulfil the requirements management by formulating the requirements description or taking over certain tasks.